Dog Stuffed Into Plastic Container And Abandoned In Roseville Parking Lot

By Admin on April 23, 2018
Rory Pit Bull Dumped in Roseville Placer SPCA
Courtesy of Placer SPCA

It’s only been about a week, but Placer SPCA in Roseville says Rory has such a bright spirit. Which is hard to imagine, because the two year old dog was found dumped in a parking lot. Someone put this guy in a plastic container, littered with self-made air holes.

The pit bull mix was found in the parking lot of Atlantic Street Pet Emergency Center in Roseville. His paws were stained yellow from being trapped in his urine for hours—maybe even a full day. He was covered in feces as well and left with a small bowl that was empty.

Placer SPCA Posts Photos Of Rory

Leilani Fratis, CEO of Placer SPCA said, “Despite the terror he was put through, Rory is an exceptionally sweet and trusting dog. It’s unclear how long Rory was trapped, but considering the condition he was in, it must’ve been quite some time,” she told CBS 13.

Rory, the sweet baby angel is was available for adoption soon and scooped up over the weekend. If you have any information about him or the person who dumped him, please call Roseville Animal Control: 916-774-5090.

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