Dog With “Taxidermy” Eyes Finally Gets Adopted

By kncipat on January 22, 2020

Those eyes!  Your heart just goes out to her.  Jubliee is a 4 year old Husky that was having big problems getting adopted. She was taken in by the Monmouth Husky House, a nonprofit that helps abandoned Huskies. And there she lived.  It didn’t seem like anybody wanted the dog with “taxidermy eyes.”   In fact her facebook post she “wrote,”  I come from a breeder who couldn’t sell me because I was weird looking.  Huskies are majestic looking dogs and I don’t know why I don’t look like them.”   Well that’s all it took.  46,000 shares later Jubliee final found her forever home.  She was adopted by a couple who had already taken 2 other Huskies.   Now Jubilee is having a big day, every day! 

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