Don’t Fall For This Disneyland Scam Making The Rounds On Social Media

By Admin on July 10, 2018
Disneyland Scam, Disneyland tickets scam, Free Disneyland Tickets (Photo by MN Chan/Getty Images)
(Photo by MN Chan/Getty Images)

I haven’t seen anyone post about this on Facebook or Instagram, so that’s good news. But, apparently people are falling for the latest scam offering families free Disneyland tickets. According to CBS 13, the Disneyland scam offers free tickets to 500 families to celebrate 110 years of service.

The offer looks like a coupon and features Cinderella’s castle. Once you click on the original ad, it will take you to a survey. To be clear, Disney is not offering any kind of free tickets. Also, they haven’t been open 110 years so there’s no way they could be celebrating that.

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