Downtown’s Firestone Public House Changing Name After Lawsuit

By Cody Briana on August 29, 2018
(Photo By: Jamie Squire / Allsport)

Weird. I can’t imagine Firestone Public House on 16th and L not being called Firestone. The restaurant and bar is changing its name after Bridgestone Brands LLC filed a lawsuit last year, accusing the downtown Sacramento location of violating the “Firestone” brand trademark, Sac Bee reports. Yes, the tire company tried suing the local restaurant. Random.

“The matter was settled to the mutual satisfaction of the parties, and FPH (Firestone Public House) will be changing its name,” said Emily Richard, a spokeswoman for Bridgestone Brands in Nashville, Tennessee.

Jennifer Bulotti, a representative for the Wongs brothers, who own the restaurant, said, “The Wongs have nine months to rename the restaurant, but we may get it done sooner.”

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