Drivers Being Warned About Dangers of Leaving Water Bottles In Cars

By Pacey on July 18, 2019
(Photo credit should read STRDEL/AFP/Getty Images)

Stay hydrated, but apparently don’t be leaving your water bottles in the car, especially when you’re not there!

Apparently a water bottle full of water on a hot sunny day can act the exact same way as a magnifying glass.

While this is VERY unlikely, it can happen and has happened in the past. The sun has to hit the water bottle full of water in the exact spot to shoot it’s rays just like a magnifying glass onto any type of paper left in your car.

Fortunately now most cars are made with fire proof upholstery, but can still  light up a fire on pieces of garbage that’s left in the car.

Below is a safety video in regards to this subject:

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