Dutch Bros Donating ALL April Profits To Fight Corona Virus

By Doug Lazy on April 7, 2020

We LOVE Dutch Bros and THIS is why! News10.net is reporting that Dutch Bros Coffee is donating ALL its profits from the month of April to a group called First Responders First. They provide essential supplies and equipment to help medical front-line workers. From their website:

“Our frontline health workers are the first responders in the fight against the coronavirus. And they are lacking even rudimentary resources as they risk their own health and endure burnout, exhaustion, and many other challenges on our behalf.”

The CEO of Dutch Bros.,Travis Boersma, said: “Giving back to our customers and neighbors is part of our DNA. We started this business not just to sell coffee, but to make an impact in positive ways.”

This is AMAZING! To find your nearest Dutch Bros location, CLICK HERE

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