Early Front Runner On The Bachelor Was In A Pretty Big Country Music Video

By kncipat on January 8, 2020
Photo by Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic via Getty Images

Before you spit water and scream, Really??  Yes, the tv show “The Bachelor,: is check your brain at the door entertainment.  A new season started this week with Peter the Pilot as the Bachelor.  So far, and it’s early, he seems to be leaning towards Hannah Mae, (listed in the program as Hannah Ann).  And you’ve probably seen her before.  She played Chris Lane’s main love interest in the video of his song number 1 song, “Don’t Know About You.”  Here’s her pic.  Compare it to the video.   If nothing else “The Bachelor,” is country friendly.   (oddly enough Chris Lane’s wife, Lauren Bushnell is a Bachelor alum.)  

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