Elk Grove Fireworks Stand Volunteer Beaten In Robbery

By Cody Briana on July 2, 2019
(Photo By: David McNew / Getty Images)

This is AWFUL and happened right here in our community! A mother in Elk Grove watched helplessly as her daughter was beaten and dragged from the side of an SUV, then thrown into the street over a pack of fireworks, KCRA reports. The incident happened Sunday evening near Elk Grove Boulevard and Williamson Drive.

Mischele Mullen was trying to protect her family while a group of people robbed the fireworks stand she volunteers at. According to her family, a man was coming for Mischele’s 14-year-old son, so she stepped in between them when she was attacked.

“I thought I was running to a dead daughter,” Cindy Mullen said.

Mischele’s godmother Penny Clay said, “They grabbed her arms and pulled her in the car. She’s 5’1. They grabbed her and beat her and then probably hit at least 40 miles an hour before they threw her out of the car and ran over her.”

Keep in mind, the stand raises money for adults with disabilities. Even from the ICU, Mischele is fighting for the charity. She wants to make sure the thieves don’t take anything else from the cause.

“She said ‘I don’t want you to quit. We do this for a reason. Don’t quit mom. Those young adults have Down syndrome and they deserve this.’ So that’s why I’m here,” Cindy said.

How can you help? The 1st step would be buying your fireworks from their stand in the Smart & Final parking lot on Elk Grove Boulevard, even if it’s out of the way. The family wants to make up for what was lost. I don’t see any GoFundMe’s for her hospital bills yet but will keep you posted.




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