End Of An Era: Toys R Us Closes For Good This Friday

By kncitom on June 28, 2018

My fingers cannot believe they’re typing this right now: Toys R Us will be no more as of Friday.

The gigantic chain that dominated the toy landscape for decades was being decimated by online sales from sites like Amazon and in-store sales from big box stores like Wal-Mart and Target. They filed for bankruptcy protection in September, but that wasn’t enough to stem the bleeding: after terrible sales at Christmas Toys R Us decided in March the best option was to close their doors for good.

Going out of business sales at over 700 Toys R Us stores nationwide have been going on since then and at most stores now the shelves are bare or nearly bare. Some stores in fact have closed already due to lack of inventory.

Even bigger than so many “Toys R Us Kids” losing a piece of their childhood is the fact that thousands of Toys R Us employees will be without jobs by this weekend. Here’s hoping they land on their feet soon.

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