Engagement Ring Miraculously Found After Camp Fire Destroys Home

By Cody Briana on November 15, 2018
(Photo By: Elijah Nouvelage / Getty Images)

There’s a glimmer hope in these devastating wildfires in Butte county, at least for Nick Maes, a 20-year resident of Paradise. His childhood home, where his parents still lived, was burnt to the ground. Because they were all in a hurry to evacuate, he forgot about the engagement ring he bought for his girlfriend of 2 years that he was keeping in their safe. Him and his family went back to the ash and rubble to find it. After digging and thinking it was gone forever, a glimmer of light caught his eye. It was the ring! A bullet that was also being kept in the safe had melted into it but most of the diamonds survived. He plans on taking it to the jeweler to have it fixed and/or made into a new ring. He was planning to pop the question next month but said he may change his plans after finding the ring. Thanks KCRA for the story!

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