‘Explosively Breeding Toads’ Are Literally Falling From The Sky In NC

North Carolina has had a water problem this year, which means they have a much, MUCH larger population of frogs, which are everywhere, including above our heads.

By DAVID on October 9, 2018
(Photo by Chris McGrath/Getty Images)

You read that correctly, at least in one case. Frogs are breeding so quickly people have reported them falling from the sky. North Carolina has had a lot of water recently, which means there are a lot more frogs than normal.

Jeff Hall is the North Carolina official state biologist (how does one get that job?), and he says that frogs are looking for dry land. That’s why people are finding them in places you wouldn’t normally see them. Frogs are born as tadpoles. Tadpoles are born in water, which North Carolina got a lot of. They had heavy rain in June and July, which brought a lot of water perfect for the little swimmers. THEN, North Carolina got hurricane Florence, which left standing water in places it normally doesn’t stand. Enter the Eastern Spadefoot toad – who are known to breed “explosively.”

As you guessed it, there’s an overabundance of frogs in North Carolina now. So much so that, as one resident reported, they’ve been falling from the sky. Not literally the sky, but they’re climbing the walls. One woman says she found a frog on her 4th floor sliding glass door. As you can imagine, sometimes they may lose their footing, and can only go down from there. People are also reporting finding frogs in their homes on their beds and in their kitchens. Some residents say they’ve been on the kitchen counter and cutting boards, which is just gross. And funny to me, really, but maybe I’m a little twisted.

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