Fake Dierks Bentley Twitter Account Scams Woman Out Of $160,000

By Cody Briana on December 11, 2018
(Photo By: Rick Diamond / Getty Images)

I don’t understand how this keeps happening! Another celebrity social media scam cost a South Carolina woman $160,000, Whiskey Riff reports. Police were contacted by a woman who reported her sister sent cashier’s checks and gift cards to a person claiming to be Dierks Bentley on Twitter. And there’s nothing they can do about it, except ask for a federal investigation.

I have so many questions… 160 THOUSAND DOLLARS?!?! Who has that kind of money just laying around to give to a fake Dierks Bentley? How can someone be so dumb but smart enough to have that much money? Who actually believes a major music artist is personally asking for handouts through direct message???

Earlier this year, country music released a PSA reminding fans to look for the blue check mark and not to fall for these imposters. I didn’t think people would need the constant reminder, but here’s another! Be cautious!

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