Family Receiving Packages Full Of Cash, Want It To Stop

A family received a mis-named package one day, and two guys randomly showed up to get it, but suspicions grew about the same thing the next day.

By DAVID on June 4, 2018
(Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images)

It’s not as cool as it sounds, apparently. A family has been receiving packages full of money, but they want nothing to do with it.

It started last week when they got a package delivered to their home. It was their address, but it had the wrong name. Probably a simple error, they thought. But then a couple guys showed up to the house asking for the package. A little strange, but not a big deal. I mean, my neighbor has received my packages before with my name and his address, a simple typo can happen. But the next day, they got the same thing. Another package, their address, wrong name. The same two guys showed up asking for the package. This time, they were more aggressive.

The two guys actually went into the people’s home. They actually opened the door behind the residence, and walked in to get the package. That’s when it went downhill for the guys. As soon as the homeowner mentioned calling the police, the guys took off running. Police arrived to the home, and went ahead and opened the package. $8,000 cash was inside. The return address goes to an elderly lady living across state lines. Police think the older woman was being targeted in some sort of scamming mail scheme, and is getting conned out of money. The residents of the house are now concerned for their own safety, rightfully so. Police say if you get any mail and the events just seem strange, call them immediately. Check out more on this story here.

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