Fantasy Football Loser Means Big Win For Waffle House Server

By kncipat on January 11, 2021
Photo by John Greim/LightRocket via Getty Images

I tried playing fantasy football one year. I sucked. It’s harder that it looks and in most leagues if you finish last that means a brutal payoff. Michael Carsley knows that firsthand. He came in dead last in his fantasy football league and that meant a punishing payoff. He had to spend 24 hours at a Waffle House. For every waffle that he finished he’d shave an hour off of his time. Eat 24 waffles and he could go home. Michael figured 24 was unreachable so he told his server he had to eat 20 waffle. His server, Mosammat Shumi asked, “Are you sure?” Michael’s answer was yes, let’s give it a shot. While Shumi was running back and forth with waffles Michael streamed the whole thing live on facebook asking for tips for his hard working server. While the first 7 waffles almost did Michael in the tips came pouring in. Much like a marathon Carsley hit his stride after the 7th waffle and then at number 18 he hit the wall. The final tally: six hours, 18 waffles, 5,652 calories. 

Shumi, an 11 year veteran server had no idea Michael and his followers had turned this into a fundraiser for her. The final bill was $49. Her tip, $1,100. She was floored. Through tears Shumi thanked Michael over and over. He said, “I would do it again. The punishment was absolutely horrible, but is was more worth it than anything.” 

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