Farmer Gets Truck Stuck In Field At Worst Possible Time [TORNADO VIDEO]

A farmer and three of his workers got stuck in their field, which normally isn’t a huge deal, but this time they were surrounded by tornadoes.

By DAVID on May 31, 2018
(Photo by Brian Davidson/Getty Images)

I mean, there’s never a good time to get your truck stuck in a field, but there are better times than this. A farmer was out working in his field when the weather started going bad, including not one or two, but three tornadoes around him. Imagine seeing one near you, now multiply it by three.

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This poor guy must have needed a new pair of shorts after he went home that day. He was working on his Colorado farm with a few of his employees. They were keeping an eye on the weather, but it went south fast, as it does in eastern Colorado. When they noticed the weather getting too bad to continue working, they packed up and started heading out. That’s when the truck they were in got stuck in sand. At that point, they noticed the tornadoes. There were two in one direction, and one more behind them. He says “It was pretty intense. I was pretty scared… God is good. That’s all I can say. We were very lucky and blessed.” Here’s a video:

He says that they had to find a spot to try and wait out the storm. There was a ditch near by, which would have to do the trick. He and his employees all took cover in the ditch (dried river, actually), hoping for the best. Eventually the tornadoes were gone, and the group came out of the ditch without any injuries. Certainly a scary situation, even with just one tornado nearby. The official count for tornadoes isn’t clear, but 14 of them were reported throughout the course of the storm. Check out some more on the story here.

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