A Farmer’s Ingenious (Bra) Solution To A Cow’s Sore Udders [PIC]

A farmer’s cow was having some sore udder issues after giving birth, so the farmer fixed the situation and gave mama cow some relief.

By DAVID on May 14, 2018
(Photo by Miguel Villagran/Getty Images)

A dairy farmer has a cow who had just given birth. Problem was, the cow developed mastitis. Mastitis is an infection that develops after breast feeding starts, within the first 3 months or so. It’s painful, seems to be never-ending, and actually carries flu-like symptoms. The new baby cow is just a few days old, and the condition already developed in mama cow.

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So, the farmer had to come up with a solution for the calf who seems to prefer only nursing on the infected udders. Simply cover them up, forcing the calf to use the other udders that aren’t infected. But how do you do that? Well, a quick trip into his wife’s closet turned up a bra. A regular human bra. Add some extra elastic straps, and boom, he put a brassiere on a cow. Seriously, the cow is wearing the guy’s wife’s bra:

Reports are good. The bra successfully covered the sore udders, and are giving mama cow great relief. The baby cow has found the other udders and has latched on. The bra is working perfectly. The farmer’s wife is totally ok with the situation, but says that the bra isn’t going back into rotation. See some more info here.

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