Fat Tahoe Bear Named T-Shirt Gets Stuck In Dumpster (video)

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By kncitom on November 5, 2019

If you’re on Facebook and don’t follow the Placer County Sheriff’s Department account, you are missing out on some great, offbeat posts. Frequently, their Tahoe officers have to answer calls about bears, and frequently those calls are about bears stuck in dumpsters. But this one might be my favorite so far: a bear so well-known in the Tahoe area folks there have named him T-Shirt, because of a distinctive white patch on his chest, as you will see in this video. T-Shirt also appears to enjoy eating. A lot. And like most bears one of his favorite places to eat is the good old neighborhood dumpster, which he doesn’t seem to have a problem getting into. But, as you’ll see, when you’re a bear the size of T-Shirt, getting out is another matter. 

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