First Responders Give Medical Attention To Vietnam Army Vet Then Finish Mowing His Lawn

By kncipat on October 26, 2020
Photo by Robert Alexander/Getty Images

Prince Pinkney served in the army during the Vietnam as a missile technician. Now the 83 year old retired army vet lives in Fort Lauderdale, Florida with his wife Rebecca. And true to form even at 83 Prince insists on doing most of the work around the house himself. Last week on a very hot, very humid Florida day Prince was mowing his lawn when he started feeling nauseous. Then his leg, which has never regained full strength from a stroke he had a few years ago, gave out. His wife tried to help him but couldn’t get him up. A neighbor saw what happened and called 911. Within minutes a crew from Fort Lauderdale Fire Rescue arrived to help Prince. While a couple of the emts helped Prince up, got him inside and helped him recover, Lt. Matthew Wells of the rescue team grabbed the mower and finished cutting the lawn.

Captain Terry Maylor of the rescue team said,
Their story is amazing. Their age, what they’ve been through, his history as a veteran serving this country. If that doesn’t move you to go ahead and do what you’re capable of, then nothing will.”

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