For The First Time In 130 Years, Bare Knuckle Fighting Returns

Bare-knuckle fighting is returning to America after being banned for 130 years, and one athlete is punching brick walls to prepare.

By DAVID on May 30, 2018
(Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

Yes, that’s right, bare-knuckle fighting is coming back. Like, boxing without gloves. It’s been gone from America for the past 130 years. Well, Gone “legally,” though we’re sure there were underground bare-knuckle fights, Fight Club-style. Anyway, it’s coming back, legally, and it’ll even be on Pay-Per-View channels, too. Why are we telling you about this? Well, one guy is preparing himself for the league in an interesting way.

The first “sanctioned U.S. bare-knuckle fight in 130 years” is taking place in Wyoming this Saturday, the 2nd. A man from Virginia, Reggie Barnett Jr, is preparing for that fight; and he plans to win that fight. He owns a gym with his father, and he’s been preparing for quite some time it seems. He practices daily and follows a strict workout and exercise routine. What’s included in that routine? Well, on the “light” days, he does some sparring exercises, jump squats, jump-rope, and a few other things.

On the heavier days, well, that’s where it gets interesting. In addition to some MMA training he’s been working on, he punches brick walls. Yes really, he punches brick walls. The idea is that by punching the wall, his bone density increases in his hands. And I don’t mean he’s just hitting the wall just enough before it really starts hurting. I mean, he’s going full-force on those bricks. That’s dedication right there. Last time I hit a brick wall, it’s because I cam around a corner too fast and lost my balance. The only thing I wanted to do after that was keep my distance from walls. Anyway, there’s video of him demonstrating his technique if you’re curious, check that out here.

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