Florida Woman Picks Nose, Sticks Finger in Tub of Ice Cream

By Pacey on July 15, 2019
(Photo by Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images)

A Florida woman was arrested after she was caught multiple times tampering with ice cream tubs and an ice cream maker.

At Lu Lu’s Ice Cream Shop in Indian Shores, Jung Soon Wypcha was caught on camera first using the restroom with the door wide open. She then goes to the ice cream tub section, picks her nose, and then puts the dirty finger in the ice cream tub.

She returned to the store three days later, only to find the bathroom door had been locked.

Wypcha grabbed a bucket that was used to churn ice cream and used it as a toilet. She then dumped it out into a sink labeled ‘rinse.’

She was then arrested, and the store had to close down and throw away about $2000 worth of product.

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