For National Fishing Day: 7 Songs About Fishing Every Fisherperson Should Know

By kncitom on June 18, 2018
Pretty good little day on Folsom lake recently. This is NOT how it usually goes out there.

By Tom Mailey

As a fisherman, I think it’s kinda stupid to have National Fishing Day fall on a Monday. Who can get out on a Monday? Unless your retired…and in that case, every day is National Fishing Day.

But, whatever. Even if we can’t be out on the water, we can at least listen to songs that remind us what we’re missing. Here are my top seven

7) Maddie and Tae, Shut up and Fish. Any girl not afraid to bait her own hook is alright with me. Plus, this song is just funny.

6) Brad Paisley, Catch All The Fish. Brad is an avowed angler so it makes sense he’s on this list twice. This one was never released as a single but over the years it’s become a favorite of anyone who’s caught fish and a buzz at the same time–not that I’m advocating that sort of behavior. Hey, it’s his song. If you have an issue take it up with Brad.

5) Justin Moore, Bait A Hook. Justin’s take-down of city guys who think the best place to get fish is at the grocery store is a classic.

4) Trace Adkins, Just Fishin’. As the father of a daughter who grew up fishing (and knows how to bait a hook), this one hits me in the heart, every time I hear it.

3) Hank Williams, Jr, Country State of Mind. This song isn’t entirely about fishing but that opening stanza puts me in a fishing state of mind every time.

2) Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, Fishin’ In the Dark. If you think this song is in any way, shape or form about fishing: lol. But it’s still great, so, bam!

1) Brad Paisley, I’m Gonna Miss Her. Is there any other song that could be in the top spot? If you said yes, you’re wrong.

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