Gabby Barrett Checks In With Pat and Tom

Her debut album, “Goldmine” is out!

By kncitom on June 19, 2020
(Photo by Danielle Del Valle/Getty Images)

Gabby Barrett’s first album “Goldmine” is out and is already number one on Spotify and iTunes. It’s being critically acclaimed, too, with Billboard saying her freshman effort “represents a deep well of artistic possibilities”. Not bad for a new artist who’s debut single, “I Hope” shot straight up to number one (only the third time a debut female country artist has done that with her first song since Carrie Underwood did it in 2005).

I didn’t, but Pat and Cody had the chance to listen to advance copy and they agree: it’s good. Really good. As Pat said to Gabby when she called in early Friday morning “we tried to determine which of the 13 songs on your brand new album we like best but it’s impossible to pick one.” 

And while we discussed the album, and it’s creation, with the former runner-up on American Idol (2018), we also asked her about her dad, since it’s Father’s Day weekend. He’s played an important role in helping her realize her dream.

I probably wouldn’t even be talking to you if it wasn’t for my dad” she said simply. From the time she was 11 until the age of 17, Barrett’s dad, Blase, helped her burgeoning music career for years, which wasn’t easy, because Gabby comes from a family of eight, and he didn’t just focus his attention on Gabby and younger sister Gypsy.

we weren’t a wealthy family by any means, and he always put everything he had towards his kids, especially towards me and this dream that I had.”

So have dad and family heard the album yet?

I believe so. I’m not sure if he’s listened through the whole entire thing but my sister actually texted me this morning, at six in the morning, and said ‘oh my gosh, the album went number one on iTunes already!'”

Just click below to hear the rest of Gabby’s interview, including talking about the wicked, spur of the moment prank she and Katy Perry played on her dad following her Idol audition -which you can see here – 

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