Galt Residents Who Don’t Water Their Lawns Could Face Big Fines

By Admin on May 14, 2018
Galt Front Lawn Yard Fee (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)
(Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

The city of Galt is stepping up it’s game when it comes to maintaining front lawns. Now that their is not a drought crisis, residents are required to keep their front lawn up to code. And if they don’t, they can expect a fine upwards of $500 according to Fox 40.

“…the city does have strict watering days, so they do need to adhere to that,” director of Galt Community Development Chris Erias said. “But the city does have code requirements for maintaining the front yard.”

So, Galt is starting a program to help homeowners learn when and how to water their yards. It will also address other issues, mowing and cleaning up overgrown yards.

“It definitely looks better if everybody’s yards are kept up and nice,” one resident said.

Since January, 70 citations were issued, but almost all those violators are now under compliance.

I rent a house with a gardener included, so I am not sure if this fee situation is super common. But, I also don’t have a green thumb so even if I watered my lawn I might still kill it. I get wanting the neighborhood to look nice, but I also get having a say over your own space.

What do you think about the lawn fee in Galt?

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