Garth Brooks’ Dive Bar Tour Is a Thing

And IF he were gonna play a dive bar in the Sacramento region, which one should it be?

By kncitom on July 9, 2019

Recently on Garth’s YouTube channel, Studio G, the G-man announced that while out on the road during his stadium tour, he’d be taking an occasional side-trip to play a local “dive bar”. The first actual dive bar show was announced yesterday and it will be in Chicago, at a place called “Joe’s On Weed Street” July 15. 

The whole thing of course is to promote his new duet with Blake Shelton, called “Dive Bar” which debuted last week at number 16 on the Billboard country chart–Garth’s second-highest debuting song ever. 

No word as to where or when Garth’s next appearance will be–that’s up to Seagram’s, the folks sponsoring the little dive bar detour. And, it would require him playing a stadium close to here…which hasn’t been announced yet. But for fun we polled our Facebook followers to ask which dive bar in the Sacramento region Garth should play, if it came to pass. Setting aside the fact that downtown Sacramento has an actual bar called Dive Bar (we’d rather not see Garth swimming in that giant tank as a mer-man), there were some pretty great suggestions, like stalwart live venues Stoney’s, The Boardwalk, Ace of Spades and Goldfield’s and those more off the beaten path, like Poor Red’s in Diamond Springs, 7 Mile House in Marysville and BG’s in Jackson. Among our favorites: the legendary Valencia Club in Penryn, Thompson’s Corner in Fairfield (with hundreds of bras hanging from the ceiling!) and this one, from Vickie Larrabee Korves:

I can make my house a dive bar!

All the dive bar dates will be made in conjunction with local country radio stations sooooo, if by chance we are contacted, rest assured we’ll have a list ready to go.

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