Garth: New Tour Will Be Unlike Any Other He’s Done

By kncitom on July 19, 2018

Garth Brooks is dropping more hints about a possible new tour. A couple days ago on his Studio G Facebook page, Garth teased that he WILL be hitting the road again, but that he will do it “In a way I’ve never toured before”.

As you’re probably aware, Garth has signed on to play Notre Dame stadium (an official date hasn’t been scheduled yet). That will be one of the only stadium shows he’s ever done and the question is, is he taking a page from Kenny Chesney’s stadium playbook?

Garth went on to say, “we’re all gonna have plenty of time between gigs…the crew will be able to come home, be with their families, and then we’ll run out to another gig”

Since stadium shows pull in a lot more people for about the same amount of effort, artists don’t have to schedule as many shows. Kenny usually only plays on Fridays and Saturdays, leaving time during the week to schedule other, smaller shows in places the artist wants to play–like his recent Tuesday night gig at Tahoe.

So it’s entirely conceivable that is what Garth is talking about. He covers a lot of ground in this feed from his Facebook page but check it out and see if it leaves you thinking what we’re thinking….

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