George Strait Poses With Banner From Placer County Sheriff’s Office

And it’s a great example of the saying, “It never hurts to ask”

George Strait has a great song on his new album that resonates with law enforcement. It’s called “The Weight of The Badge”…

“He’s seen it all in his fifteen years
Watching our backs, facing our fears
Lord knows it ain’t no easy task
Keeping us safe under the weight of the badge”

Those of us in the Sacramento region have had all too many reminders lately of the danger the men and women in blue face every day–Natalie Corona, Tara O’Sullivan, and just last night, a sheriff’s department K9 was injured by gunfire that left a suspect dead near Sunrise Mall.

So that’s probably one reason why the picture of King George posing with a Placer County Sheriff’s Department banner that was posted on their Facebook page this week has so quickly made the rounds: as of Wednesday morning it’s been shared more than 1.4 thousand times, and has over 4 thousand likes since being put up on Tuesday.

How’d George come to pose with the banner? In a message on the post’s thread, a Sheriff’s Dept spokesperson said, 

One of our sergeants was able to get in touch with George’s manager, who agreed to accept the flag and try to get a picture…and it worked out!

If you haven’t heard the song yet, here ya go. It’s pretty doggone powerful.






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