Get Them Before They Sell Out Again—Pickle, Gravy & Wasabi Candy Canes

What will they think of next?

By kmvq on November 17, 2017


I cannot see myself actually eating these, but I can see me using them to prank people and ho-ho-hoing all the way while I do it. AKA laughing up a storm at the look on people’s faces when they eat a pickle candy cane thinking it’s going to taste like apple or lime.



The wasabi flavor will set you back eight bucks and the pickle will cost you nearly $14. If you get them on Amazon Prime now, they should be here in time for Thanksgiving. Apparently the flavor is pretty subtle, but it’s probably worth it just to say you tried them (or to prank people).



According to Delish, the pickle flavor has been in stores but it’s been selling out like crazy. Amazon just restocked their supply, so you should order ASAP if you want them!



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