Frog’s Stomach Lights Up After Eating Firefly [VIDEO]

After this hungry frog in Nashville, Tennessee, ate a firefly, the little guy surprised onlookers after it began glowing from the inside out

By austind03 on July 5, 2018
Glowing Frog Eats Firefly, Glowing Animals
(Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images)

A video of a hungry frog is going viral after it ate a firefly and began glowing.

According to Daily Mail, the video comes from Nashville, Tennessee, and shows the frog with a flashing light inside its stomach.

While it may look like a strange phenomenon, it’s actually pretty common. Because fireflies glow through a chemical process called bioluminescence, they can continue to light up after a predator eats them. In fact, the firefly isn’t actually alive inside the frog, despite it appearing to be.

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Regardless of why this happens, it’s a pretty cool thing to see!

Head right here to learn more and make sure to watch the video above. Also, let us know if you’ve ever seen something like this in the comments below!

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