A Very Good Human Helps An Injured Stray Dog [PIC]

A stray dog, named Columbo by his rescuers, who was found injured in the woods, got a bicycle ride, and a wonderful new home thanks to some good people.

By DAVID on July 19, 2018
(Photo by Fox Photos/Getty Images)

Good human, very good! A man named Jarrett Little was riding his bike when he came across an injured dog. He picked the dog up, and carried it, on his bike, to a vet’s office. Then, he made sure the dog was adopted afterwards.

Jarrett was riding with some friends through the woods when they came across the dog. They stopped a little after seeing the dog to “regroup.” As they were figuring out what to do, they say the dog came out of the woods to “greet” them. Jarrett noticed that the dog had road rash and a broken leg, as if he were hit by a car. The friends all started to give him some water and food. The pup looked like he had been there for a little while and was clearly starving. The friends knew they couldn’t just leave the dog there in the woods, so he grabbed the dog, carried it, and pedaled on back to town.

Good human #2. Once back in town, the group stopped at their local bike shop. There, a woman named Andrea Shaw (who was in town on a business trip, happened to run into Jarrett and the dog. She decided she wanted the dog, and took him to the vet to get some medical care. She paid for the leg surgery, and then found a group (Canine Freedom Transportation) that would help Columbo (named after the town where he was found) get back to her home in Maine. Columbo even has a Facebook page now. Check out more on Columbo’s story here.

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