Governor Newsom Suggests New Restrictions Could Be Coming This Week

By Pacey on June 30, 2020
(Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

As you may have heard, there has been a spike in cases of COVID-19 in the last couple of weeks.

Yesterday Sacramento County was put under a “recommended” county to close bars, and Sacramento Health experts ordered bars to be shut down as of 6pm last night.

Unfortunately that may not be the last of stay-at-home orders being tightened, as Gavin Newsom has suggested he will be announcing restrictions tomorrow. “We’ll be making some additional announcements on efforts to use the ‘dimmer switch’ and begin to toggle back on our stay-at-home order and tighten things up,” he said. The framework for us is this — if you’re not gonna stay home and you’re not gonna wear masks in public, we have to enforce, and we will and we’ll be making announcements on enforcement tomorrow.”

Not only have COVID-19 daily new cases increased, but so has hospitalization and statewide average daily positivity rate over a 14-day period has gone from 4.4% to 5.6% as of Tuesday.

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