Granger Smith Salutes Military Heroes We’ve Lost In Emotional New Documentary (Video)

By kncipat on November 5, 2018
Photo by Timothy Hiatt/Getty Images

Granger Smith had no idea he’d get this kind of response.  When he asked for stories from Americans who lost a loved one while he/she was serving in the military the number of replies were staggering.   How do you decide which ones to include?  Granger says he went through each one carefully before selecting 5 to honor. 

“I’ve taken entertainment tours to war zones in the Middle East,” he continues. “I’ve walked 400 miles in combat boots to raise money for returning soldiers. And somehow, none of that comes close to repaying my debt of gratitude. When a hero falls, their legacy must live on. ”  And so Granger has produced a documentary that he narrates and provides a soundtrack for called, “They Were There: A Hero’s Documentary.”  It comes out November 30th on Granger’s youtube channel.   Take a look at the emotional trailer and to learn more head here

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