Pat, Tom And Cody Took 35 Foster Kids Rafting And Everybody Got Wet! (Pics)

There was teamwork, lots of laughter, a couple of unplanned swims, lots of questions and much fellowship!

By kncipat on July 15, 2018

They were nervous, reluctant, and maybe even a little scared.  After about 15 minutes on the water all of that was replaced with loud exuberance, joy, and big spashes!   We (Pat, Tom and Cody), had the pleasure of taking 35 foster kids (young men and women) white water rafting.  It was their first time and to a person they ended up loving it! It started with picking out the proper life jacket and helmet.  Then a bus trip (with bus songs!).  And finally it was time to gear up and raft.  We did this with the help of the ticket to dream foundation, and generosity of ARTA American River Trips.  ARTA’s guides were patient, encouraging, and nothing short of amazing.  Here’s the head of ARTA Tom Freer with Pat (don’t let the hair fool you…..Tom’s a marine badass who knows his way around any body of water.  He’s also one of the best people we know).  Cody is set to go, and apparently Tom lost a bet and had to sit next to dorky Pat on the way to the river.

We got to know the foster kids, laughed with each other, shared concerns and hopes about life, and oh yeah…god wet!

The day was summed up best by ARTA’s Tom Freer in his fb post after it was all over.

High job satisfaction level today. We conducted a benefit trip for the Ticket to Dream Foundation, an organization that supports foster youth and whose mission is simple-“Help foster kids just be kids”. It went as it usually does. At the beginning of the trip, most have really no idea what they are getting into. There are many trepidations, much uncertainty. However, after the first couple of rapids and splashes, the hesitations go away, the wonder sets in, and they can just be kids. There was teamwork, lots of laughter, a couple unplanned swims, lots of questions, and much fellowship. Much of what these kids identify with is the number of their group home, being shouted over and over as we travelled. Everyone just wants to belong to something, to fit in. For these kids, it was their foster youth group home. That really made an impression on me. I found myself hesitant to ask too many questions. As a guide, I pride myself on getting to know people almost instantly, but I didn’t pry here. I can only imagine what some of these kids have been through. None of this happens without my awesome crew, easily the best on the river…Alia, Aaron, Jimmy, Steve, Adrian, Fletcher, Hayden, and Trinidad…well done everyone. Keep it up, you’re doing great things haha. And, Pat and Tom from KNCI, the originators of the idea, we appreciate all the love. Go out and help someone out…none of us do it enough!

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