Guy Buys Ring To Propose To Girlfriend, Uses Her Credit Card

This guy not only used his girlfriend’s credit card to buy the engagement ring he proposed with, but he wanted to keep it after they split up.

By DAVID on November 12, 2018
(Photo by Jonathan Brady – WPA Pool/Getty Images)

And despite buying the ring on his new fiancee’s credit card, she said yes. It was sort of an arrangement, but it went bad quickly. The engagement only lasted a couple months, and then it ended up in court. Here’s the story.

So, this guy wanted to buy his girlfriend an engagement ring, propose, and marry her. A good old fashioned love story, like many of us have experienced, and many more of us will experience one day. There was a problem with the plan though. See, the guy didn’t have his own credit card, or credit at all for that matter. So he asked his girlfriend if he could put the ring on her credit card. He also bought himself a matching ring. Here’s where it all starts.

The girlfriend agreed, and let the guy put the ring on her card. There were some conditions though – he had to pay her back, in full, by making $500 per month payments. Easy enough, right? Well, after a couple months, the two split up. The guy then took the woman to court, saying she still had some of his belongings. Yep, there it is, you just leaned forward to keep reading, didn’t you? Yep, so into court the two went.

The woman said she would hand the rings over to the guy after he paid her back, in full. But the guy told the court that there was no such agreement, and that he wants the rings back. He also says that he shouldn’t have to pay for the full price of the rings. So, the woman gave the court copies of messages, as well as voice recordings of their agreement. Yeah, the court says that he has to pay her back, in full, and then she has to give him the ring back after getting paid. See some more info here. Have you ever seen (or been in) a situation where a ring had to be returned?

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