Guy Drives Truck Into Pond On A Bet, Gets Arrested

A guy made a bet about how far he could drive his SUV into the water, and naturally was arrested later that night.

By DAVID on May 9, 2018
(Photo by Robert King/ Newsmakers)

This is a whole series of bad ideas in a row. This guy, on a bet, drove his SUV into a pond to see how far it would go. I guess his buddy said it wouldn’t go far, and he thought it would. Something like that. Anyway, he got arrested afterwards. Full story below.

“I’ll bet my SUV can drive far into that water.” “I’ll bet you’re wrong.” “OK fine, watch this.” That’s probably how that conversation went. The guy seriously drove into a pond, on purpose, to prove how big of an idiot he is. The report doesn’t say, but we’re sure at least some alcohol was involved. The point of the bet was to drive as far as possible into the water without killing the car so it was still able to drive out. He drove in a little too far (barely up to the tops of the tires), and the engine naturally hydrolocked. Stuck, dead in the water, literally. Long story short, that’s when the real trouble started.

After calling for a tow truck, the police show up to help the guys. In the process of helping them out, the police notice that one of the guys looks a little familiar. A quick computer check later, and police discover something about the driver. Turns out that he had an outstanding warrant for his arrest. Some sort of misdemeanor crime he committed somewhere else. Anyway, he was taken away, and now gets to explain to his insurance company why he no longer has an SUV. Check out more details on that story here.

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