Hear The Payoff As Pat Loses Bet To Tom On National Unplug Day

By kncipat on March 6, 2020

I still don’t think I should have been disqualified.  Today is National Unplug Day so we decided to do our show with no phones.  No texting, no twitter, no Instagram, no Facebook .  If either of us caught the other using or even touching their phone then that person lost.  Both Tom and I were doing really well (Cody had the day off otherwise she might have been the first to cave).  A few minutes before 8am my phone rang.  Because my ringer was up and it was audible I lost.  The fact that I didn’t touch my phone, didn’t answer it, didn’t use it apparently didn’t matter.  So I had to payoff the bet  And that meant singing the Baby Shark song for 30 seconds.  From start of getting busted to a referee’s ruling to the incredible version of that earworm song, here’s how it went. 

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