Help Us Help Foster Kids THIS SATURDAY

By kncitom on July 24, 2018
Foster kids we took rafting recently. We sent them down the river prepared; let’s send them back to school prepared too!

School supplies are one of the biggest issues facing foster kids. Many who are in the system do not have easy access to the simplest items they need to be ready when the school year starts. Maybe that’s part of the reason 50% of all foster children never graduate high school–if you start behind, it’s easier to fall further behind.

Being supplied with the basics seems like a no-brainer, but it’s critical to a child’s scholastic success: according to the Ticket to Dream foundation, “school supplies allows foster children to enter the classroom with confidence knowing they won’t need to borrow items, or negatively stand out from their peers.”

That’s why this Saturday, from 11-1, Pat, Cody and I will be at the Antelope Wal-Mart (5821 Antelope Road) collecting school supplies for Ticket To Dream and local foster youth. Backpacks, notebooks, binders, pencils, pens, calculators…whatever your child needs them for school…? Guess what…foster children need them too.

So if you were gonna do a little back-to-school shopping anyway this weekend, maybe do it at the Antelope Wal-Mart between 11 and 1! We’d love to see you. If you want more information about helping foste, please check out the Ticket To Dream website by clicking here. Then come help us Saturday from 11-1 at the Antelope Wal-Mart OR drop off supplies at a Mattress Firm near you. And thank you!



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