Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Hold A Fart In

Everyone does it, it’s how the human body functions, but can anything bad happen if you hold in a fart?

By DAVID on December 27, 2018
(Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

Yep, we’re about to get classy over here. Hey – it happens, we all do it, we all laugh when we do it, it’s how people are. Let’s talk about it.

If you’ve ever held one in, and I know you have, you know how it goes. Your back stiffens up, you hold your breath, and you secretly hope nothing bad happens. Maybe you’re at dinner, in a meeting, job interview, whatever. You tighten up, clench down, and then sigh relief when nothing squeaks out. But what actually happens when we hold a fart in? Where does it go? Well, the research has been done, and we’ve got all the answers to your questions, hopefully.

Just like Shrek says, they’re better out than in. No, according to the article you won’t do any sort of “damage” to yourself if you hold one in rather than letting it out. But, there’s the open door (no pun intended) for some other more embarrassing moments. Mostly some audible noises coming from within, rather than from, uh, behind. There’s also a risk of something called “diverticula.” Diverticula is when pockets form in the wall of your colon. Sometimes these pockets can get infected, and that’s cause for alarm. While it is possible, they say there’s a small chance of that happening. You could always do like Peter Griffin though. Hey, I’m talking about farting, videos of cartoon farting seemed appropriate. Here’s some more info on what happens when you hold in your flatulence.

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