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Getting a haircut in the quarantine age. Good thing I (mostly) trust these guys.

By kncitom on April 13, 2020

So this is Tom and it’s been over 2 months since my last haircut. Last week, because what else do we have to do, we decided that today, Monday, Pat and Cody would give me a trim. But, in keeping with proper social distancing rules, they couldn’t just get up right on top of me and start cutting away, which we really didn’t think of until we came in this morning. 

So, being a creative one, Pat solved the problem with some good old office tape and a six foot broom handle (which was probably more like 5 but who’s measuring). What followed was a brief (and for me, slightly terrifying) attempt to tighten up the sides and lift up the bangs. It didn’t help my nerves that both confessed to doing absolutely no research ahead of time on how to cut hair.

But, when it was all done and I could breathe again, I was glad to see my eyebrows still intact and a mostly even cut above the collar. I call it the “It’ll Do” 

I miss my guys at Barber Blues.

Please can someone lift this quarantine soon?

(see the actual video below the photos)


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When you can’t see your barber cause coronavirus…

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