High School Basketball Player Gives Shoes Off His Feet To Competing Player

By kncipat on March 1, 2021
Photo courtesy of Getty Images

Matt Montie’s coach was shocked. Not because of what Matt did but because coach Terry Fetters prides himself on knowing absolutely everything about his team. Matt’s a senior and one of the top players for his high school team, the Wakefield-Marenisco Cardinals. “I’ve rolled a lot of ankles not wearing the right shoes,” said Matt. While waiting to play in the varsity game against rival Dollar Bay Matt noticed a JV player for the other team wearing basically street shoes. The kind that might cost you ten bucks at Walmart. When the game was over Matt gave the Dollar Bay JV player his shoes. “I just remember being young and not being able to afford good basketball shoes and I know how bad it sucked.” The shoes Matt gave the competing player happened to be a LeBron James model from Nike. 

Matt’s coach didn’t find out about it until the next day. His wife asked him, “Why didn’t you tell me what Matthew did last night?” Somebody had posted about Matt’s gesture on facebook and the story went viral. Said coach Terry Fetters, “I was blown away.” Coach Fetters later told his team that what Matt did not only made him look good, but it made both the varsity and jv teams look good. “Not only our teams, but our whole community. So, I was very proud of him for that.” One other note: Matt handed the shoes to the Dollar Bay JV coach asking him to please give them to his player. A move made to not possibly embarrass him. Matt Montie not only has a great heart but maturity beyond his years. 

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