High School Football Rivals Pray For Mom Who Has Cancer

By kncipat on November 8, 2019

For three hours rival schools Sherman and West Mesquite (both Texas schools) went head to head.  Gage Smith played really well for Sherman scoring a touchdown and picking off a pass.  Ty Jordan played really well for West Mesquite.  He was their leading tackler.  Gage and Ty have known each other for years playing on teams together when they were younger.  In the end Sherman won.  While the Sherman players headed to the locker room to celebrate their senior captain, Gage, sought out Ty Jordan.  Ty assumed he just wanted to say good game.  What happened next Ty couldn’t see coming.  Gage had learned that Ty’s mother was sick.  She has cancer.  Gage asked Ty if he would pray with him for his mom.  This picture says it all.  Two friends on the field where they just did battle, hands clasped together heads bowed and kneeling in prayer.  It was Ty’s aunt, Takka Jordan who caught the moment and shared it on twitter. (Ty’s on the left,  Gage on the right) 



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