High School Principal Takes 2nd Job At Walmart To Help His Low-Income Students

By kncipat on February 1, 2021
Photographer: David Swanson/Bloomberg via Getty Images

90 percent of North Charleston High School students live below the poverty line. Principal Henry Darby will not allow that to dictate his students ability to learn or their futures. At the same time he knew something had to be done. So Principal Darby took a second job. Three nights a week he stocks shelves at the local Walmart in North Charleston, South Carolina. He works from 10pm to 7am. When he gets off he has just enough time to make it to school to greet his students as they arrive. When asked when he sleeps Henry said, “On Saturdays and Sundays.” Every dollar he earns at Walmart goes to helping his students and their families. Some call him a hero. Henry is not comfortable with that label. “I wish that those of us who are born of poverty and we had to struggle and we made it to at least the lower middle class, that we will look back to help others.”

Humble? Yes. He didn’t ever tell his boss at Walmart about his day job. “Where I come from you don’t ask for money. You just do what you need to do.” Well, word leaked out about Henry and his second job. A GoFundMe was started with the hopes of raising $20,000 by the end of the month. In just three days over $43,000 was raised. And once Henry’s boss at Walmart found out why Henry took the night job she reached out to Walmart’s home office and they cut a check for $50,000. Principal Darby has a message for his students. “Just learn to help others.” Henry Darby is not only helping his students his teaching them one of life’s greatest lessons.  To see The Today Show’s interview with Principal Darby head here

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