From Homeless And Bullied To Harvard: How Richard Jenkins Beat The Odds

By kncipat on June 4, 2018
Photo by Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

I love this story.  Well, at least the lesson.

Richard Jenkins was bullied in elementary school because he always had his hand up.  He was always asking questions.  According to The Good News Network other kids in the classroom would yell out, “put your hand down Harvard!”    But that didn’t stop Richard.

At the end of his 4th grade year Richard and his family lost their home to foreclosure.  Suddenly they were homeless, sleeping in shelters and sometimes  motel lobbies.  Their homelessness lasted 2 years. But Richard didn’t let that stop him from going to school  He was there every day, with his hand up.

In 8th grade Richard lost his father to a heart attack.  The stress of being bullied, homeless, and losing his dad gave Richard unbearable migraines.  But that still didn’t stop him from going to school.

Last week Richard Jenkins graduated.  He had applied to many colleges but one by one either wait listed or rejected him, except one.  Richard clicked on the tab of the last college he applied to and read the following, “Welcome to the class of 2022.  Sincerely, Harvard.”   Besides being accepted to Harvard, Richard was given a full ride!   To read more about this amazing young man click below.



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