Horror Movie Fans Having Easier Time Dealing With Pandemic

By Doug Lazy on July 7, 2020

Are your favorite movies Rom-Coms? Then you might be having a harder time dealing with the coronavirus pandemic than horror movie fans, according to a new study.

Wegotthiscovered.com says that since the since self-quarantining began, streaming services have “have acquired tremendous amounts of horror films and series.” So why are people wanting to be scared by a movie while they’re quarantining?  The article says:

According to a new study published in the online scholarly journal Evolutionary Studies in Imaginative Culture, people who like horror movies have an easier time dealing with the pandemic than people who don’t. The study, conducted by PhD Candidate and University of Chicago student Coltan Scrivner, found that subjects with higher levels of morbid curiosity also exhibited an increased interest in pandemic and virus horror sub-genres, as well as the coronavirus in general.

You can read more about the study HERE

Are you a horror movie fan? 


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