Is a Hot Dog A Sandwich: The Brothers Osborne Weigh In

By kncitom on April 25, 2018

By Tom Mailey

The Brothers Osborne have been all over the place lately as they promote the release of their latest album, Port St. Joe.

The new release is being received well by critics and the lead single, Shoot Me Straight, is gradually climbing the country singles chart, although it may prove to be too hard-rocking to break into the top 10.

If you haven’t really delved much into the ACM-winning duo yet, do–especially if you’re a Chris Stapleton-type fan who longs for clever, creative country songwriting and lots of revved up guitar and southern rock swagger.

A bonus about John and TJ? They’ve got great senses of humor– something anyone who follows them on social media would already know. They show it in songs like Shoot Me Straight and Tequila, and past cuts like Pawn Shop and Ain’t My fault. They’ve also been showing it on late night television, when given the chance…like this recent segment from Late Night With Stephen Colbert in which they answer several  unconnected questions, including, yep, whether or not a hot dog is a sandwich. Enjoy!


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