The Hotel That Lets You See Who Stayed In Your Room Before You

A Hollywood hotel is doing a sort of social experiment, and it involves connecting you with whoever stayed in the room before you, and it’s creeping me out.

By karlibenoit on October 18, 2018
(Photo by Woohae Cho/Getty Images)

Ok, so it’s not actually the entire hotel, but a specific room within the hotel. The Kimpton Everly Hotel down in L.A. calls it “Room 301.”

Room 301 isn’t anything creepy or Halloween-themed or anything like that. It’s a regular room, but it’s just taking part in a sort of social experiment. That experiment will let you see who stayed in the room before you got there, as well as share a message for whoever comes in after you. The room has a guestbook, and the hotel encourages guests to use it. You can write a message, leave a photo of yourself or your family, and even make a playlist for the next guest.

The hotel is doing this as part of their “Stay Human” campaign. That campaign “reflects Kimpton’s belief that heartfelt human connections make peoples’ lives better. Room 301 seeks to uncover the intersections and variances of the human experience.” Basically, they’re making it a sort of old-fashioned social media experience, which sounds cool. That said, nah, I’m good. Staying in a hotel has me suspicious enough of what went on in that room before I got there. I don’t need to actually see a message from the previous occupant. Maybe if I could meet the guests, that’d be different, but nope. More information on the room and hotel can be found here.

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