How Does Keith Urban Connect With Fans So Easily?

“I’ve always left room for spontaneity”

By kncitom on November 9, 2022
(photo: Tom Mailey)

At Keith Urban’s show up at Harvey’s Lake Tahoe this summer, I was once again reminded what an absolutely unrivaled performer he is. Yes, he can he sing, and play, and has a boatload of hits. And for many artists, that would be enough. But Keith is that rare performer who, like Garth, can make every single fan feel like he’s playing just for them. And he does that by leaving room for spontaneity in his set. Being spontaneous in front of 20,000 people can be unpredictable to say the least, which is why many artists don’t like to try it. But Keith loves it. In other interviews, he’s described it as being on a high wire, and sometimes it doesn’t work out. But much of the time, it does. In an interview with us this week he told us that his habit of involving the audience can be traced back to his time playing clubs, when he felt he needed to anything he could to get and hold an audience’s attention.

Like that night in Tahoe: he spotted a couple in the crowd with a sign asking him to play a particular song. Not only did he play it (it wasn’t on his set list) he invited them onstage to slow dance to it, which turned into an unforgettable night for them, and everyone in attendance (Mostly. Ironically, I can’t remember the song right now!).

Now, Keith’s tour is over, but he’s not done. He’s recently announced he’ll be releasing a new album next year and that he’ll be doing a residency at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas (details here) starting in March. Check out our chat with with him, where we talk with him about that, as well as his love of getting the audience involved …and my wife’s undying attraction to him


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