I Couldn’t Do All Of Dry January But She Just Gave Up Earth For 328 Days!

THIS is something to celebrate

By kncitom on February 6, 2020
(Photo by Bill Ingalls-NASA via Getty Images)

With just six days left in Dry January, I caved. I had a good day fishing, prepared a great dinner of the day’s catch and decided you know what, I’m gonna have a glass of wine with this.

So I had three.

Yes, I was weak. I caved. It was much more difficult than I thought to give up something I enjoy. 

But that’s nothing compared to astronaut Christina Koch. She basically gave up earth for nearly a year.

Granted, it was all in the name of science and space exploration. And I’m guessing she was well compensated. 

But still. 

So you can’t help but smile when you see the unrestrained joy on her face as she is helped out of her “ferry ship” in which she returned to Terra Firma with 2 fellow astronauts. Christina, who hails from Grand Rapids, Michigan, just spent 328 days in space-the longest ever by a woman. To boot, she did six spacewalks in her time there. 

With all the divisiveness and frankly depressing political rhetoric in our country these days, let’s all come together and celebrate something like this, loudly and proudly. Maybe even hoist a toast to her. I will.


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