I Texted Reba McEntire And Here’s What I Got Back

She gave our her phone number on social media so why not

By kncitom on February 26, 2020
photo: Getty Images

When Reba gave out her phone number on Twitter earlier this week, I took notice.

After all, Pat and I co-starred with Reba on her TV show in 2002. Well, “co-starred” might be too strong a word. We were extras. Pat was a bartender and I was (briefly) her speed dating partner. But, we were excellent. You can even tell just from these still photos.

Sooooo, being old friends, I thought I’d hit her up real quick, with a question that’s been nagging Pat and me for a few years. 

So far, haven’t heard back. Guess we’ll just have to wait a little longer.


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