Ikea Selling Living Room Sets From Famous TV Shows

Who wouldn’t want a living room like Marge and Homer’s?

By kncitom on January 15, 2020
(Photo by Michael Buckner/Getty Images)

This is such a great idea!

Ikea has created three separate furniture packages that feature near-exact furniture from the living rooms of famous TV shows, like The Simpsons


And Stranger Things

We asked on our Facebook page what other living room sets should Ikea consider and here were a few great suggestions…

Mike Perrier Married with children

Katrina Lussy Brady Bunch

Melanie Bickford Full house

Nicole Ahart Bonanza lol

Cheryl Ann Veri Big Bang Theory. Specifically marked with Sheldon’s “spot”.

Ronilyn Houston Threes Company 

And maybe our favorite suggestion….

Tim Cathers Sanford and son 😂

Unfortunately, the displays are not in any of Ikea’s US stores-right now, they’re just in the Middle East, for some reason, but, if you’re truly interested, they are available on Ikea’s website. Pat and myself? We’d love to see them recreate Fred and Wilma Flintstone’s place. Come on Ikea, make it happen!

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