Ingrid Andress Releases Original Demo Of Her Smash “More Hearts Than Mine”

Hear what the song sounded like fresh out of the oven

By kncitom on April 30, 2020
(Photo by Scott Legato/Getty Images)

Ever wonder about the progress of a song from start to finish? I do. That’s why I started my songwriting podcast, Write You a Song (new episode drops Friday May 1st with Jessi “I Drive Your Truck” Alexander–shameless plug). I love hearing stories about how songs got started, where the ideas came from…the whole creative process. 

One of the things I was a little surprised to learn came from songwriter JT Harding: he said often, the final recording of the song isn’t that far off from the original demo. Of course, other instruments and effects are added but by and large, he said the finished product is usually fairly close to the original idea. As an example, he sent a copy of the original demo of his song (which he co-wrote with Josh Osborne and Shane McAnally) “Sangria”, which we then mixed together with the finished product by Blake Shelton. Hear it here….(feel free to skip over the Q&A…song starts at :59)

Usually, artists and songwriters don’t share early renditions of their songs. They’d rather people focus on the final product, and understandably so. But for Ingrid Andress, sharing the original demo of her recent #1 (her first), “More Hearts Than Mine” was part of the celebration process…a way to show how far she’s come as a new artist. And she’s been on a rocket ride: her recently released debut album is now the highest-streamed debut project from a female country artist ever. Hearing this original take, recorded shortly after the song was written, is a little like getting to celebrate with her. Check it out and see what you think. Click here

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